Soap Box

A Few Books All Politicians Should Read

Being an elected representative carries a tremendous responsibility. Decisions made by representatives while in office impact their current constituents, but will also influence future ones as well, often times long after they have left office. Because of this legacy... read more

Floating Rate Funds Explained.

Bank loan or floating rates bonds are unique among bond types in that the rate is not fixed, but is free to move in relation to an underlying base rate such as the LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate).  As with any investment there are risks and bank loans are no... read more

Death by Architecture

Author and speaker James Howard Kunstler is perhaps the most outspoken critic of suburban sprawl and alternative energy as a replacement for cheap oil.  In a pair of TED talks in 2004 and 2010 he shares his perspective and explains how our we lost our... read more

Learn a Language, Translate the Web

Luis von Ahnm created Captcha to suppress spam on the internet and launched reCaptcha when he realized the potential of massive online collaboration to help digitize books.  Now he’s doing the same for language learning and translation with DuoLingo. I’m... read more

Learning: Powered by Imagination

Want to learn something or maybe you’d just like to improve your memory ?  Now you can with the website (and recently launched smartphone app) from Memrise.  By utilizing the human brains enhanced capacity to recall images (especially “unique” ones)... read more

Schools in the Cloud

An insightful talk by Professor of educational technology at Newcastle University, Sugata Mitra on the legacy and shortcomings of an empire driven educational system and how his “hole in the wall” experiments compelled him to develop a new method of... read more