1. I operate as the Chief Investment Officer for my clients.  This means I collaborate with them and other professional advisers on retirement and investment related issues as well as life issues as necessary.
  2. Every new client relationship starts the same way I’d begin a friendship; through a conversation where we are attempting to discover if there are a sufficient number of shared values to merit working together.
  3. I work best with people who are smart, comfortable with technology, and regard money as a tool; to provide for them or their loved ones.
  4. Curmudgeons, lemmings, and the mentally apathetic.
  5. Regularly as needed ranging from multiple times per month to every quarter, but no less than annually depending on the clients wishes. I prefer email, telephone, and web conference but will also meet face to face when necessary.
  6. 40-60% of my time is allocated to working with clients and tasks directly related to maintaining our relationship.
  7. If I’m awake, I’m available.  I regularly speak with clients and their advisers outside of traditional working hours.
  8. I intentionally limit the number of financial planning clients I work with to stay below 75.  This allows me to maintain my desired level of service without having to add a bunch of staff and overhead.
  9. Less than 10%. See question 8 for explanation.  Marketing does not add value to my existing clients.
  10. The simplest explanation is I attempt to buy investments at less than they are worth. What I buy and when I buy it is driven by my global macro economic view and fundamental analysis.  I believe it is more important to avoid significant losses than to chase gains.
  11. 30-50% of my time is allocated to investment and economic research.
  12. I love to learn so furthering my education is something I’d do even if it weren’t required for my profession.  In addition to the mandated requirements of FINRA and my broker dealer, I subscribe to a bunch of magazines and newsletters, blogs, financial and economic websites, various podcasts, and read over 100 books a year on wide variety of financial and nonfinancial topics.
  13. Typically I’m compensated quarterly with a fee based on the assets I directly manage, but also utilize a flat, hourly, or one time consulting fee when appropriate. All compensation is clearly disclosed, documented, and discussed in advance.