memriseWant to learn something or maybe you’d just like to improve your memory ?  Now you can with the website (and recently launched smartphone app) from Memrise.  By utilizing the human brains enhanced capacity to recall images (especially “unique” ones) memory masters have accomplished what appear to be “super human” feats of memorization. was created by memory champ, author,  and mentor Ed Cooke to help people learn the methods of the world’s Grandmasters of memory.  I first leaned of the system and of Ed in Josh Foer‘s 2011 book “Moonwalking With Einstein,” then later when he partnered with Tim Ferriss for a $10,000 memory challenge.  Rather than memorize cards I’ve been using it to relearn Spanish and some technology related things.

Try it out and let me know what you think.  If you decide to use it, look me up: Joe on Memrise.