Shows For Fun & Profit

Take advantage of all that time you spend in the car. Get smarter and have some fun with a few podcasts.



Stanford ETL

The smartest people in the world sharing their stories – at Stanford.

London Real

A banker turned entrepreneur interviews the world’s most interesting people.

Hardcore History

If history class was taught by Dan Carlin, I’d have paid more attention.

The Jocko Podcast

Navy SEAL, author and all around bad-ass drops knowledge.

Start Up

Public Radio veteran turns entrepreneur and documents the journey while it’s happening.


Silicon Valley veteran, entrepreneur, and angel investor Jason Calacanis brings you This Week In STartups.

James Altucher

If Woody Allen was an entrepreneur he’d be James Altucher.

Tim Ferriss Show

The habits, routines, and insights of top performers broken down into digestible nuggets.