110401 Hey Businesses! How To Not Suck At Social Media

Nary a day goes by where some businesses (local, regional, and national) doesn’t botch an attempt at social media and cause needless suffering for the recipients (and intended prospective customers).  Rather than merely complain (and continue to endure), I’ve decided to act on this unfortunate circumstance and offer a solution.
Loic LeMeur is an individual skilled in social media interaction and business.  I’ve learned (and continue to learn) from him and the purveyors of poor social media communication could too.  Last year he produced a series of videos on how to not suck at social media, most are less than 5 minutes in length so there is no excuse to perpetuate the suffering. The full series can be found HERE.
Enjoy the introduction.

110323 Joel Salatin @ TEDxMidAtlantic

Those who’ve read Omnivores Dilemma by Michael Pollan or watched the documentary movie Food Inc. may be familiar with Joel Salatin. For the uninitiated, he’s a farmer, author, and public speaker. From the three generation family farm in Swoope, Virginia he’s been fighting, writing, and lecturing on the challenges and shortcomings of industrial agriculture and the politics surrounding it since before doing so was en vogue. Last year I had the pleasure of speaking with him after a talk he gave in Portland and found him to be down to earth and genuine despite his rise in popularity.

TED presentations are brief, usually less than 20 minutes but the conciseness of the talk makes it easily digestible.  Enjoy the Joelisms!

110313 Jack Dorsey Square CEO and Co-Founder of Twitter

By now most people have heard of the social network Twitter but my guess is few people outside of technology know Jack Dorsey, the man behind the phenomenon nor his latest venture Square, the mobile payment processing company. His observations on mobile payments as a platform and the potential of payments as a communication medium are insightful and another example of how innovation can occur in seemingly benign areas if one is willing to question the status quo.

What do you think?

110303 Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki

I continue to be amazed and inspired by the speakers in Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Lecture Series.  Guy Kawasaki reflects on his latest book “Enchantment” in a top ten format (just in case he sucks at speaking you know how much longer you’ll have to endure it) providing insight into product development, customer service, and much, much more in a humorous yet effective way.